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Erasmus Meeting “From Dictatorship to Democracy”

A week full of new experiences now lies behind us, as from February 5th to February 9th, 2024, we had the pleasure of welcoming 12 students and 3 teachers from our partner school, IES Sabina Mora in Roldán, Spain. The occasion of their visit was the Erasmus project course in history with the topic "A Path to Democracy."
During the first two days the Spanish students stayed with host families before we all stayed together at “Wewelsburg”. Our first meeting took place in the library where we warmly welcomed them and then had lunch together in the cafeteria. In the afternoon Mr. Blum took us on a historical tour of the city of Paderborn, showing us not only historical sites but also ending the tour with a beautiful song.
On the second day the Spanish students experienced our lengthy school day and were quite shocked and surprised by our endurance. After our first two lessons we gathered in the library to begin with our topic  “A Path to Democracy” through presentations. Then we proudly showed them our school, even letting them ride bikes in the bicycle workshop where we attempted a parkour. A highlight was definitely the bowling evening which we traditionally spend with each of our partner schools. The evening was filled with laughter and hopefully enjoyed by all.
The following day we watched “Als Hitler das rosa Kaninchen stahl” with English subtitles at the cinema. After a delicious lunch we went to Wewelsburg where we took a tour through the village, led by Dr. Gausmann, and learned more about the historical events of this village. We spent the evening playing games and chatting before retiring for the night.
On the penultimate day  we gave our presentations on the democratic development in Spain and Germany. After lunch we explored and learned about the history of the Castle “Wewelsburg”. We spent the evening in high spirits, enjoying a final evening together filled with games and laughter, cherishing our time spent as friends and partners in learning.

Text von Asiel Ahmed, Q1

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